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Nourishing and moisturising set for men


Men often seem to think that their skin requires less care and attention than women’s skin. The skin of men is as important and the right care can protect it from ageing and helps keep the skin healthy and shining. Men’s skin is stronger and has higher levels of collagen in it, therefore it is more durable against environmental effects (for example dust, pollution in the air, or temperature), however, the skin is made more sensitive and thin as a result of constant shaving. Microscopic wounds from shaving can also cause infection.

The nourishing and moisturising set for men contains facial cream and shaving cream, which help restore the natural balance of the skin and moisturise dry skin. The set includes the Masculine Me moisturising facial cream (50 ml) and Shave me shaving cream (120 ml).

Usage: Apply shaving cream on the skin and remove hair with a razor, rinse the skin, gently dry, and moisturise. Use the skin cream regularly after washing the face in the morning and evening, even if not shaving at the time.

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Category: All products, Cream Kits and gift sets, Dry and dehydrated skin, Normal & combination skin, Sensitive skin, Skin with textural and tone issues, tilk! Herbal


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