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Refreshing Blossom + Refresh Kit


This kit contains two lovely products that help refresh your skin and make it shine. These products are also ideal for postponing the first signs of ageing and smoothing fine lines. The kit includes a day cream (50 ml) and a facial toner (50 ml).

The kit contains:

Blossom Me (50 ml) is a rejuvenating and nourishing day cream. This face cream is beloved by many because it contains hyaluronic acid that gives the skin a beautiful complexion and radiance. We recommend using the cream for dry skin and to prevent the signs of premature aging.

Facial toners:

Refresh Me (50 ml) is an innovative refreshing facial toner with probiotics and organic rose water. Regular use of this unique toning water results in a naturally beautiful complexion and pure skin. Probiotics maintain skin’s natural moisture, balance skin’s microflora and slow down the premature ageing process. The facial toner is suitable for cleansing and refreshing the skin.


Spray Me (50 ml) refreshing spray with Aloe vera and lemongrass is an universal product with multiple uses. Lemongrass scent refreshes and invigorates both body and mind. The spray can be used as a light and natural perfume, to refresh the body and skin. It is a great product for skin irritations and sunburn, purifying oily skin and effectively removing unpleasant odours. The spray makes the skin soft and is calming.


Spray Me (50 ml) refreshing spray with Aloe vera, probiotics, and tea tree essential oil is a universal product with multiple uses. Aloe spray is refreshing and cooling, it can be used as a light and natural perfume for invigorating your body and hydrating skin. It is a great product for skin problems, irritations, micro-wounds and acne. The spray leaves your skin soft and has a calming effect.

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Choose toner: Refresh Me with rose water, Spray Me with tea tree, Spray Me with lemongrass

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