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Glowing Skin Kit


This kit is the perfect way to get acquainted with fresh and clean natural cosmetics that make the skin radiantly beautiful. The kit is a nice choice to keep your lips, face and hands moisturised and perfectly soft!

The kit contains travel-size tinted moisturiser (10 ml), lip balm (4,8 ml), and hand cream (50 ml).

The kit includes:

Tinted Me tinted moisturiser (10 ml) nourishes and gives the skin an even tone. It evens out the skin tone and feels light on the skin, helping to hide and take care of inflamed pimples. Apply the cream after cleansing.

Kiss Me moisturising lip balm (4.8 ml) moisturises dry and cracked lips, giving them a subtle shine. We recommend using lip balm all year round to take care of the gentle skin of the lips.

Love Me (50 ml) moisturising hand cream is the perfect hand cream – it makes your hands silky, softens dry skin and contains plenty of vitamins. Since, in addition to our face, our hands also reflect our age, using this hand cream helps to tone the delicate skin of our hands and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

It is the best gift you can give to a loved one.

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Category: All products, Cream Kits and gift sets, Skincare, tilk! Herbal
Choose tone of Tinted Me cream: Light, Medium
Choose packaging: Triangular gift box, A gift bag, Without gift packaging

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