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Gift idea: Tilk! “Lips+Skin Kit”


Tilk! “Lips+Skin Kit” is a perfect option for those who love to keep their lips, face and hands well moisturised. You will receive a nice selection of our fresh hand and facial products at once! This set contains of a day cream (50ml) at your own choice, a herbal lip balm Kiss Me (4,8ml) and a hand cream (50ml).Our best-selling hand cream is a perfect treat for the hands. The bioactive ingredients recover a skin’s hydrolipidic layermoisturise it deeply, and provide protection from the environment. Herbal Lip Balm moisturises lips and gives them light gloss. Honey and bioactive ingredients make lips soft and sweet.Our face creams are great moisturisers for all skin types. Please specify your face cream choice. Make you and your besties feel gorgeous and happy.

Size: 4.8ml + 2*50ml


Category: All products, Cream Kits and gift sets, Skincare, Tilk! Herbal
bio facial cream

Regenerate Me facial cream

Regenerate Me is a perfect cream for combination and normal skin. The bioactive ingredients renew skin cells – giving your complexion a healthy glow. This heavenly treat for your skin smells of fresh lavender.

bio hand cream

Hand Cream

Hand cream is a perfect treat for your hands. The bioactive ingredients recover your skin’s hydrolipidic layer, moisturise it deeply, and provide protection from the environment. The cream makes your hands silky smooth. It smells of fresh lemon.

herbal lip balm

Herbal Lip Balm Kiss Me

Herbal Lip Balm Kiss Me moisturises your lips and gives them light gloss. Honey and bioactive ingredients make your lips soft and sweet. It is wonderful – Kiss Me!

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