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Spoon Me face oil with its rich and nourishing ingredients is ideal for dry skin. Luxurious jojoba oil in the face oil moisturises and nourishes skin with vitamins. The bioactive ingredients of rose hip and wheat germ oil moisturise, vitalise, tone and restore the skin while antioxidants in the oils improve skin texture, making it soft and elastic. Avocado oil in the face oil stimulates collagen production and gives your skin excellent protection. Fatty acids and vitamin A in the rich rose hip seed oil are also important to improve skin texture and complexion.


Regenerate Me is a skin texture renewing and moisturising face oil that improves skin elasticity and complexion. Oil is ideal for the needs of normal and combination skin. Jojoba, raspberry seed, coconut and almond oil in the ingredients of the face oil moisturise, renew and soften your skin as well as protect from the external factors. The ingredients of this face oil are rich in natural fatty acids and phytosterols that have anti-inflammatory effect and help with dryness and redness of the skin. Also, the face oil has features that help to avoid oxidative stress which causes premature aging.


Cleanse Me face oil soothes and cares for oily and problematic skin, having an excellent antibacterial and freshening effect. This balancing face oil contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that nourish and moisturise, giving skin a beautiful complexion. High in vitamin E, zinc, omega 3, and omega 5 fatty acids, hemp and pumpkin seed oil are unique moisturisers, leaving your skin fresh and beautiful. Full of antioxidants, the face oil keeps your skin youthful. The bioactive ingredients of oregano heal inflammatory skin and increase its defense capacity. Hamasulen from yarrow blossoms tightens pores while peppermint freshens the skin. Almond oil soothes, softens and moisturises, aiding in quick skin recovery.



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