The Makeup Mitty

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This drop-shaped reusable Makeup Mitty is great for cleansing the face and gently removing makeup. The Mitty is suitable for using with natural soap or makeup remover. Thanks to its unique design you can put your fingers inside the double-layered pad, making the process even more convenient. The pointed Mitty detailer tip is perfect for smaller areas like the lash line and under the eyes. After using, wash Mitty and put it to dry. It is also washing machine safe.

Reusable Makeup Mitty is environment-friendly because you can use it thousands of times. Replace your regular cotton pads with this nature-friendly alternative.

Makeup Mittys were created by an indie beauty brand in USA and their mission is to spare the environment from excess waste that comes from single-use cotton pads and makeup remover wipes. They use high quality polyester since it lasts quite a bit longer than (eco) cotton, hence the ecological footprint is significantly smaller.

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