Tilk! Summer Kit

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Having collected our customers’ seasonal favourites, we hope to make discovering new products much easier for you, as it gives you the opportunity to see what other people similar to you enjoy having as a part of their skincare routine.
For the Summer Kit we have combined Refresh Me facial mist, Rejuvenate Me body oil, Bronze Me tanning cream, and Gloss Me lip juice. 
Refresh Me facial mist (100ml) with probiotics is a handy product to keep in your purse and spray on your face during hot summer days. Also perfect for use under day creams or after cleaning your face in the evening, to balance the skin’s natural microflora and slow down the aging process while keeping it moisturised.
Rejuvenate Me body oil (100ml) with carrot oil moisturises your skin and immediately gives a beautiful glowing tan. The oil is full of bioactive ingredients and antioxidants which keep your skin youthful and beautiful. To lock in the moisture, apply it on wet skin right after taking a shower.
Bronze Me travel-size (10ml) product is the best companion for a sunny day and is super easy to carry around. The bioactive ingredients and antioxidants of our unique red algae extract fight against skin’s aging process. The cream also has a natural sun protection factor, as it contains zinc oxide, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, and raspberry seed oil, which is also deeply moisturising.
Gloss Me lip juice (4,8ml) with our unique red algae extract moisturises lips, leaving them glossy. The oil contains deeply moisturising raspberry seed oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil that have a natural sun protection factor. Carrot oil is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and F and antioxidants, all of which significantly reduce the signs of aging and combat free radicals.
Our products contain no harmful substances, just the good stuff.
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