Skincare routine for combination & normal skin

Your skin might be combination if…

  • your cheeks are dry and have small pores;
  • you have enlarged pores and impurities at the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin);
  • unattractive shininess occurs at the T-zone during the day, referring to increased oil production.

With combination skin it is extremely important to achieve balance between the needs of different areas of your face in order to ensure purity and freshness of the skin. Your combination skin cream must ensure moisture balance at the driest region on your face, while also regulating and stabilising oil production at the T-zone. To achieve balance for a combination skin, different areas of your face require different skincare.

Your skin might be normal if…

  • you experience very little skin surface dryness;
  • infections are rare at the T-zone;
  • pores in the T-zone are generally small;
  • you can barely see the pores on the cheeks and the skin is smooth.

Normal skin needs a balanced cream that would moisturise, soften and freshen up the skin while not leaving the surface too greasy or shiny. On top of that, a balanced cream should not leave your skin feeling heavy after use.

Right skincare for your skin type

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