Oily skin

  • there are enlarged pores all over the face;
  • skin is impure and shiny;
  • inflammatory pimples and closed comedones are common, indicating increased oil production;
  • complexion is often dull and lifeless but skin is still elastic and soft so the wrinkles develop slowly.

Oily skin cream must most definitely have oil production regulating and skin mattifying qualities. The most important thing is to keep the balance between moisturising and mattifying oily skin – improper caring may clog pores even more and may often lead to skin surface dryness that especially encourages inflammatory processes in the skin.

“My skin is oily but can also get very dry at the same time. For years I have not been using any face cream at all because as soon as I applied a product, I got pimples. With Cleanse Me I have finally solved this problem! Using that, I have experienced absolutely no dryness in my skin anymore and best of all – no pimples! It absorbs super fast and the smell of peppermint and tangerines is so delicate that it immediately makes me feel very clean and fresh. Not to mention the texture is so smooth – almost like a smoothie that makes you want to eat it…:)”

blank  Simona Piras

blogger & world-traveller www.myeyeisawindow.tumblr.com