How Tilk! skincare was started

The Tilk! brand was born from travelling. I am a world-loving wanderluster who loves hiking in mountains, spending time at beaches and exploring metropolises. Over time I started to notice that this fast-paced lifestyle in big cities, polluted air, rapid climate changes, time difference and airplanes’ over conditioned air affect my skin and body horribly.

Living in Beijing during 2011-2013, I had close contact with Chinese medicine and 100% pure natural oils. From this experience and inspired by personal needs I created the skin care line Tilk! so that I could feel good during all my travels. Now I can be carefree about the condition of my skin, wherever I am, because I have a suitable cream and other products for every climate. Does not hurt that the products are in esthetically designed packages that are very convenient to carry around everywhere, including carry-on.

Tilk! fresh mousse-like creams contain only the best natural ingredients from around the world as well as from my home island Saaremaa in Estonia. With the help from my family and friends we hand-pick powerful plants on the island every year that we use in the process of making the creams. All the creams are made from 100% natural ingredients and are paraben and mineral oil free. Also there is  no animal testing included. This is my way to export Estonian pure nature and eco-country reputation all around the world.

Pille Lengi
Tilk! Brand founder

Pille Lengi