Sensitive skin

  • skin reacts fast to any external irritants (cold or hot weather, close contact with water or various perfumes, preservatives or colorants);
  • you often experience redness and uneven complexion as well as periodic dryness or increased oil production;
  • skin redness is localised and transient or permanent (coupe rose around the nose area, cheekbones);
  • skin is thinned and in some areas blood vessels are visible through the skin.

Sensitive skin cream must moisturise, protect and calm the skin.

“I have to spend a lot of time at airports and changing flights as well as flying in general makes my facial skin extremely dry, I am so happy to have finally found cute and simply packaged Protect Me facial cream that comes in a handy 50ml jar which is allowed at any flight’s carry-on; because you could always use some of that light and airy facial delight!”

blank  Johanna-Riinu Annuk 

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