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Male skin is 25% thicker than females. Therefore it is much more durable. Male skin has more elastin and collagen fibres that ensure better elasticity for the skin. That is why it takes longer for male skin to show signs of aging, but when it does, the aging process evolves quickly as the wrinkles deepen recognisably. Male skin is firm up until about the age of 30, but after that the skin tone starts to decrease and the skin needs more moisturising, nourishing and protection. This makes skincare for men quite different from women.

When choosing a cream, it is important to make sure that it will primarily protect the skin from the irritation caused by shaving. Also, it should help the skin restore its hydrolipidic layer without creating comedones. The perfect cream for male skin has moisturising, nourishing, cell regenerating and calming qualities. Skincare for men is different from women, so choosing the right product can be tricky, but fortunately we are here to help.

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