REUSE ME – making skincare sustainable and zero waste!

circular economy

REUSE ME is a unique circular economy programme. Our program’s main focus is to minimize the harm done to the environment and pay more attention to sustainable consumption through a circular economy. For that purpose we look for innovative solutions to reuse packages together with our great partners and dealers.

Within this program we collect back used cosmetic product containers from consumers and direct them back to circulation. Packages collected in the REUSE ME program go through a careful disinfection process and inspection to make sure the packages are suitable for sending back to circulation. After inspection and disinfection, the container is filled with new and fresh product to ensure its best qualities and preservation. Thanks to sending 1 container back to circulation, 1 perfectly good container is being kept from throwing away and the environment is saved from the production process to make another one. This way we can decrease the amount of trash as well as the energy wasted from any production process.

REUSE ME program’s second mission is to decrease the number of packages used altogether and that’s why we have an option to order all our products without the outer packaging. Ordering without the outer packaging decreases the number of packages that add no actual value for the consumer while using the product and will make people think about the environmental protection from the moment of purchasing the product.

Every outer packaging that is not ordered is an important step towards decreasing your ecological footstep and conscious consumption.

Let’s make skincare zero waste!

tilk reuseme zero waste and sustainable programme

1. Order the cream without outer packaging.

2. Return the cream jar.

3. We clean, disinfect and reuse it for a fresh product.

4. Choose your product in the reused jar.

Used tilk! packages can be brought to our partners:
  • Tallinna Kaubamaja
  • Levi store (Solaris)
  • Astri Keskus info centre in Narva
  • Fama Keskus info centre in Narva
  • Lõunakeskus info centre in Tartu
  • TradeHouse Peterburi tee 47c
  • TradeHouse Tartu Kvartali centre
  • TradeHouse Nautica centre
  • IlmaPood Telliskivi
  • TradeHouse Pärnu PortArtur
  • Ehtne Store (Saaremaa)
  • Ökopood Kasti tee 40, Märjamaa
  • Ruuby Life Style Store (Kallaste 7, Tabasalu)
  • tilk! office Pärnu maantee 142, Tallinn (ask for office hours)

Available also in reused jars

We commit to reuse. We support the #WeChooseReuse Campaign.