Skincare routine for dry skin

dry skin

Your skin might be dry if…

  • skin is smooth and pores are generally tight and small;
  • there may occur odd number of enlarged pores and impurities at the T-zone, however the oil production is minimal even in this region;
  • the whole face has dry skin;
  • you often feel skin tightness, especially after close contact with water;
  • flaking, scaling or peeling is common for example around the nose or eye area, especially during colder seasons.

Dry skin must be moisturised on daily basis in mornings as well as in evenings to ensure lasting moisture balance. Not taking care of dry skin or using wrong kind of products, small wrinkles on top of skin are quick to occur at the young age, that will form deep and lasting wrinkles while skin is getting dull and lifeless.

Right skincare for your skin type

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