Skincare routine for your body & hands


1. Body

Skin exfoliators

Regular exfoliation is good for your skin and gives noticeable results in a short time. Make sure not to just exfoliate your face, but also your body. 

Exfoliator removes dead skin cells. Old skin cells accumulate on the skin over time, concealing the new and beautiful skin underneath. Regular exfoliating removes old skin cells and helps the cells renew.

Exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and fights cellulite. For the best results, exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week, 3 minutes at a time.

We offer two lovely scrubs for the body for you to choose from.

Body oils

A lovely exfoliation helps skincare products absorb better. We offer two rich body oils with high vitamin contents that moisturise and nourish, making the skin silky soft.

Body creams

You can also go with a body cream instead of oil. We offer three rich products which you can choose from to deeply nourish and protect your skin.


We have developed two different ointments to alleviate different skin problems. 

The tilk! Forest range includes a calming spruce ointment with coconut. The calming spruce ointment with coconut is meant for alleviating skin irritations and moisturising dry skin. The ointment is good for healing wounds and reducing inflammation. We recommend using ointment in areas where the skin needs care and calming.

The base of the ointment is spruce resin, which plays an important role in reducing skin problems, mainly because of the antibacterial properties of the resin. The bioactive ingredients in spruce resin also help to renew and restore the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of the environment. 

The second ointment that we offer is the tilk! Lab calming garlic ointment with coconut. The calming garlic ointment with coconut is meant for extra dry spots and taking care of problem areas on the skin. When there are rough spots, psoriasis, or inflammation on the skin, this ointment helps to calm down the skin and provides it moisturisation. The ointment is meant for localised use where the skin seems to need first aid.

The base of the ointment is black garlic, which has a great role in alleviating skin problems. The active ingredients in black garlic also help renew and restore the skin and protect it from the negative effects of the environment. Calendula has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it helps smooth, soften and strengthen the skin.

2. Hands

Beautiful hands show a lot more than most people tend to think. The skin of the hands is often what shows the person’s real age. Because of that, in addition to regularly moisturising the facial skin, people should also remember to take care of their hands – the skin of the hands is very delicate and is often faced with different external factors such as temperature changes and contact with moisture, which can make hands dry and flaky.

The drying of the skin is mainly tied to the fact that the skin on the hands lacks sebaceous glands and a protective hydrolipid film, which ensures the right moisture balance in other areas of the body. Weak blood circulation is also the cause of poor nutrient transport, resulting in a lack of vitamins, mainly vitamins A, C and E.

Taking proper care of the hands is important. To make the hands beautiful and the skin soft, it is important to regularly moisturise them. Beautiful hands have smooth, elastic skin with even skin tone and complexion. Using hand creams helps the hands remain soft and smooth for longer, therefore making the hands look young for longer too.

We offer some super products to take care of your hands, which can be used both by men and women:

3. Feet

Our range of products for feet are moisturising, exfoliating and caring, developed to alleviate the main issues with feet – roughness and dryness. Using all of the products together will offer you a great spa treatment with the end result of soft and fresh feet.

The Scrub & Soothe rejuvenating foot scrub with nettle and juniper extracts takes care of tired feet, removes dead skin, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens and moisturises the skin. Regular use of the foot scrub will make the skin of the feet feel softer and healthier.

Soft & Silky is a deeply moisturising foot cream with eucalyptus and peppermint. Take care of your feet with regular application of cream and moisturisation.

The luxurious glass foot file is meant to remove thick and rough skin and corns from feet. Removal of dead skin gives the fresh skin beneath a chance to get out and shine. The foot file has two sides – a rougher and a smoother side. Skin will be soft and smooth after using the file.

4. Deodorant

Many antiperspirants contain different harmful substances that are not good for our bodies. There is one specific substance that is very common in antiperspirants – aluminium – which can block skin pores. This means that sweating cannot happen in a natural manner and the unnecessary elements cannot leave our bodies in the efficient way it’s meant to happen. Aluminium is easily absorbed into the body through the skin, especially through the delicate skin of the armpits. In addition, micro-ulcers may occur during shaving, which promotes the absorption of substances applied to the skin. There is scientific evidence of an association between the use of aluminium-containing products and the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, it is important to recognize that the effect of cosmetic products on health can be very large and using clean products can prevent health issues. 

We recommend that you take a look at the ingredient list of your antiperspirant and choose a natural deodorant, which includes only natural products and does not have any harmful substances added to it. 

We offer natural deodorants with four different scents:

5. Shaving

Shaving is a daily routine for a lot of men and women. We have created the Shave Me shaving cream with Aloe vera and calendula, which is gentle and pleasant for the skin. The shaving cream includes coconut oil, which is a lovely moisturiser and softener. Castor oil helps the micro-wounds heal quickly and calms the skin. The bioactive ingredients of calendula, lady’s mantle and field horsetail strengthen the skin structure and help to alleviate micro-cuts. Aloe vera is rich in natural antioxidants, giving it a cooling and calming effect for the skin.

6. Hair

Strengthen Me is a fresh orange and mint-scented lightweight moisturising hair oil, which helps refresh dry hair. It restores dry, tired and weak hair and protects the hair structure against harmful environmental factors. It also renews the natural tone of your hair, prevents the premature appearance of grey hair and strengthens the tips.

The hair oil contains nettle extract that restores and strengthens the structure of your hair. Sesame oil contains fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair with important nutrients, making your hair shiny and beautiful. The hair oil contains sweet almond, jojoba and coconut oils, which moisturise, smooth and heal the structure of the hair and work together to take care of the health of your hair.

7. Lips

Lips-lips-lips …. They are a beautiful part of the face that people often neglect to take good care of.

Lip maintenance can easily be contained in two simple words – exfoliate and moisturise!

Lip exfoliator removes dead skin cells from the lips, stimulates blood circulation, nourishes and gives the lips their plumpness and shine. Moisturise your lips often and make sure to smile!

We offer quite a few different lip products, such as:

Right skincare for your skin type