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 Nothing else.


We carefully choose each ingredient for our products to give you the cleanest and the most fresh skincare.

Reusing is more efficient than recycling. Our REUSE ME program takes a unique approach to environmental protection. The program’s main focus is to minimize the harm done to the environment and pay more attention to sustainable consumption through circular economy. For that matter we look for innovative solutions to reuse packages and offer sustainable solutions for our customers. 

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tilk reuseme zero waste and sustainable programme

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tilk reuseme zero waste and sustainable programme
tilk reuseme zero waste and sustainable programme

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What our customers think about us


I  fell in love with creams immediately. First, I was fascinated by its texture, which was unlike anything I had ever come across before. Secondly, I was thrilled with its scent and the fresh feeling it left after applying. Thirdly, after some time I realized that they come in perfect size to take with you every day or when travelling.
Sandra Vabarna


Musician & singer
Spoon Me night cream is my personally discovered treasure of the year, my absolute favourite and everyday companion in the mornings as well as the evenings. Airy consistency and amazing scent! After using it for just a couple of weeks, my friends were asking me what have I done for my skin to have become so good!
Kaire Hendrikson


Make-up artist
Spoon Me night cream is a class of its own… My skin waking up in the mornings is gorgeous, soft and fresh. And by the way, it also works as a day cream! And the smell – lovely bittersweet herbal scent…
Triin Luhats



Regenerate Me day cream is a great solution for combination skin that tends to get shiny. The cream is super light, airy and has the most wonderful fresh natural fragrance to it. Absorbing quickly, it is the perfect cream under your makeup. Having used it for quite a while now, I begin to notice that my skin has this gorgeous healthy glow.

Heidi Liblik


Make-up Artist and beauty blogger
I fell in love with Tilk’s hand cream right after opening the package. If something looks like mango mousse, it has to be good! And the looks did not fool. I have now used the hand cream for months and have not had any problems with dry, chapped hands ever since. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave hands sticky, which is a great bonus.
Anni Jürgenson


International model & blogger,
The real gem of the products! Why exactly am I raving about a hand cream? Well the texture of this is magical – fluffy, light, almost whipped up moose-like consistency that absorbs super fast. I believe that would be the mango butter found in the ingredients list, that gives it this cloud-like softness. The scent is almost magical as well – super crisp and strong fresh lemon that lingers on my hands for a while.



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