Mature and dry skin

Your skin changes with age. Mature skin may go drier and lose its complexion and elasticity. Also, some wrinkles and pigmentation spots may appear when ageing. First signs of skin’s ageing can occur as early as in the mid twenties, so it is worth thinking about preventing skin’s premature aging sooner rather than later.

To keep the skin young, it is important to choose a suitable day cream for your skin type and use a nutritious night cream. Picking the right products and taking care of your skin helps to preserve young and healthy skin. Creams rich in vitamins will give much-needed moisture as well as help to bind it better in the skin and therefore will prevent wrinkles and smooth them.

In addition to face cream, excellent results come from using eye cream since very often the lines in the corner of your eyes are the most visible.

As the age goes up, the collagen production process goes down because the amount of oxidants in the body increases. External factors such as smoking, sun and polluted air lead to oxidants being dominant and speed up the ageing process. Collagen is an essential protein that helps to renew skin cells and keep the skin structure tight. Therefore it is important that your cream contains a lot of antioxidants.

Perfect products for mature skin

Our Spoil Me anti-ageing face serum contains powerful antioxidant coenzyme Q10 that helps to renew ageing skin cells faster. Wheat germ and jojoba oil are excellent natural oxidants. Both repair skin damage and help to prevent wrinkles. Gamma-linolenic acid in evening primrose oil helps the ageing skin to look younger, renewing the skin cells. Cowslip promotes collagen production in your body, supporting the effect of vitamin E that helps to slow down the skin cell ageing process. It also helps to lighten pigmentation spots.

For night time, use a nutritious cream like Spoon Me night cream. Avocado oil stimulates collagen production and provides excellent protection for the skin. Essential fatty acids and vitamin A in rose hip seed oil are important for improving skin texture and complexion.

Do not forget to take care of the eye area and hands – these areas show the most visible signs of ageing. The biggest problems with the eye area are dark circles, bags under the eyes and visible lines. Hyaluronic acid in our Brighten Me eye cream helps to smooth fine lines and takes part in collagen production, but is gentle enough to not irritate the eyes. Organic rose water and cucumber seed oil soften as well as cool down sensitive skin.

Ideal hand cream softens aging skin and contains plenty of vitamins. Mango and coconut oil are perfect for softening. Love Me hand cream also contains sea buckthorn oil that is rich in nutritious vitamins C, E, K and P.

Right skincare for your skin type

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