Recent research has found that in addition to being good for us when taken internally, probiotics also have great value when used externally. Scientists have found that probiotic ingredients help the skin shine, add moisturisation, and softness, and reduce the size of pores. To make sure that we get the best effect from probiotics on our skin, we have developed the probiotic skincare series called tilk! Biotik. This series contains various products, for example, skin microbiome balancing cleansing products, face and body creams, facial toners, a solid shampoo and facial serum.

Our approach is quite new as supporting the skin microbiome with the use of ingredients from probiotics in skin care is a new and interesting trend in natural skincare. Our products contain probiotic ingredients that support various skin types, including oily and mature skin. The probiotic ingredients that we use in the tilk! products can support and maintain the skin’s natural microbiome, taking care of the natural health and well-being of the skin. The useful bacteria are applied on the skin and the probiotic ingredients support skin health – the good bacteria is a vital part of a balanced microbiome.

The microbiome is a mixture of microbes living on and in the body. The balance of the skin microbiome and keeping it balanced is important for skin health – various skin irritations and problems can appear when the natural balance is disturbed. It may be shifted for example by the use of non-natural or too harsh skincare products or by using skin cleansing products that are not well suited for the skin type. We include active ingredients obtained from Lactobacillus probiotics as a result of fermentation in the products to promote the needed balance for the skin. The probiotic ingredients in beauty products also help maintain the natural moisturisation level of the skin and help slow premature ageing of the skin.

Probiotics have a wide-ranging effect when used in skincare products, helping to moisturise the skin, protect it from toxins, and slow the ageing process. Research has shown that the use of probiotic skincare can have a great effect on the moisturisation level of the skin. In addition to being great for moisturisation, probiotic ingredients also have antimicrobial benefits, which means that they help protect the skin from various bacteria. The probiotic ingredients also support inflamed skin by calming and balancing it.

The effect of probiotic skincare is greater when multiple probiotic products are used simultaneously in the skincare routine – the products start to complement each other and the effect grows. Because of that, we advise that you create a skincare routine that is appropriate for your skin and include probiotic products. If you use products from the tilk! Biotik skincare series for daily cleansing and moisturisation, the effect of each of the products is much greater. Find the probiotic products that are appropriate for your skin type and which help you achieve beautiful radiant skin.