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  9. Nourishing anti-ageing night cream with lavender and black garlic

Nourishing anti-ageing night cream with lavender and black garlic


Category: All products, Dry and dehydrated skin, Ageing skin, Sensitive skin, Skincare, Face creams, tilk! Lab


Anti-ageing night cream with lavender and black garlic is very nourishing and a perfect caretaker and nourisher of the skin at night time. The cream is ideal for dry skin or skin with ageing signs, we recommend to use this from the age of 35+. The cream is perfect combined with our vitamin C cream, as the antioxidant rich and anti-ageing benefits are especially strong, when working together.

The phenolic compounds in black garlic are crucial antioxidants in combating free radicals, which means that they help fight against premature ageing of the skin. The active ingredients of black garlic also help to renew and restore the skin, and protect it from the harmful effects of the environment. The night cream includes a lot of different moisturising components and oils and is therefore a bit richer when compared to our other creams, but it is especially nourishing at that. Lavender oil has a calming effect, almond oil feels light and moisturises the skin. Coconut oil nourishes and gives the skin elasticity, wheat germ oil is rich and nourishing and it includes a lot of vitamins. Jojoba oil is a special component, as it provides good moisturisation and is the most similar to the skin’s own oily layer (sebum). Vitamin E supports the renewal of skin cells and helps the skin fight against free radicals, working as an anti-ageing agent. Glycerin is also supporting the moisturisation of the skin. The cream has a light lavender aroma, which is calming and a source of relaxing sleep.

Usage: Apply on cleansed skin before going to bed at night. This product can also be used as a day cream in case of very dry skin. You can use this night cream in combination with any of our day creams, but it pairs really well with the use of anti-ageing vitamin C cream for the day time.

The ingredients used in this night cream are natural and vegan. This night cream is an innovative skincare product developed in collaboration with TalTech scientists, which combines Estonian black garlic fermented according to ancient Korean traditions and the approach of modern science to natural cosmetics.

Storage: Store the night cream at room temperature.

Quantity: 10ml/60ml

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