Licensed esthetician: main reasons to prefer natural cosmetics

What are main of the reasons to prefer natural cosmetics over regular cosmetics? We asked licensed esthetician Evelyn Velström for insight on the topic.  

Natural cosmetics is safer for the people and environment. If the product is also organic, it means it hasn’t been sprayed with toxic chemicals. Everything absorbs through the skin and why would you voluntarily poison yourself when you can choose a cleaner product that doesn’t contain additives that strain the body. Also, natural cosmetics doesn’t cause addiction and is more susceptible and natural for the skin. Product full of synthetic substances may offer an instant sensation of comfort but this effect might only be short term. With natural cosmetics, the results may take longer to achieve but instead it will be more effective and longer term in the end. Natural ingredients have been tried and tested and are an obvious choice because they’ve been used over millenniums and thanks to todays’ science and knowledge we can find more efficient products among the natural cosmetics than ever.

Thinking of the environment, one of the reasons for the choice is the lack of microplastics. Microplastics are a huge problem today, but they often go unnoticed unless you study the ingredients carefully. Microplastics don’t only mean exfoliating particles, it could be dust-like and difficult to see with bare eyes. Since microplastics are made of plastic, they don’t decompose in the nature nor dissolve in water. Microplastics that go from your sink to the wastewater are so tiny that the treatment plants can’t sufficiently remove it from the water and as a result, it will end up in natural water bodies.

Another huge advantage using natural cosmetics is that it’s not tested on animals. Different certificates of natural and organic cosmetics guarantee that the manufacturer doesn’t support animal testing.

Evelyn Velström
Licensed esthetician