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Moisturise Me face cream with shea butter for dry skin


Category: All products, Dry and dehydrated skin, Skincare, Face creams, Spatula potential

The coconut oil and shea butter in Moisturise Me face cream moisten the skin, improve its’ elasticity and protect it from irritation and inflammation. The face cream is intended for sensitive and dry skin to give it moisture and protection against drying out.

When dry skin starts to flake and is irritated, then the chamazulene in chamomile helps as it soothes the skin and restores tissues. The bioactive ingredients of this super-plant help restore skin’s natural balance and radiance. The cream also contains jojoba oil that nourishes the skin with essential vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy. As a bonus, it also helps to fight negative effects of free radicals. Cocoa butter adds an extra moisturising effect, making the skin silky soft. Fresh mix of lavender and chamomile gives the cream a lovely natural scent.

Usage: Moisturise Me face cream is suitable for daily skincare and moisturising the skin after cleansing. It is the perfect everyday aid to moisturise and protect sensitive and delicate skin.

The ingredients used in this cream are natural and vegan. We have used oils extracted from hand-picked wild herbs from Saaremaa in this cream.

Storage: Store the face cream at room temperature.

Quantity: 10 ml/50 ml


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