Exfoliating the skin and finding a suitable exfoliator or scrub is an important step in skincare – it gives the opportunity to remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation in the skin, and refresh the skin. Regular use of a facial exfoliant is vital for all skin types, but it’s necessary to match the product to the skin’s needs. We use both grainy and fruit acid exfoliating elements in tilk! products. 

A facial exfoliant should not be a part of the daily skincare routine because too much exfoliation is not great for the skin. Exfoliating is still a very important part of the weekly routine and should be done 1-2 times per week on average. As with other tilk! skincare products which we have developed to support different skin types, we are also keeping the types in mind when creating our exfoliation products. The scrubs contain exfoliating and refreshing ingredients, and we also add moisturising components – this way, the facial scrub can simultaneously cleanse the skin, moisturise, and nourish it. 

We use different solutions to create the exfoliating effect for our scrubs. What is best for the skin depends on the skin type and its needs. It is important that the facial scrub is gentle enough not to harm the skin, but also strong enough to give the needed effect. tilk! products contain grainy scrubs – we use sugar and apricot kernel powder to create the exfoliating effect – these ingredients naturally have a structure that helps remove dead skin cells, but they are also gentle enough not to damage the skin. We also use fruit acids or AH-acids in some of our products, which even the skin tone and texture, restore the skin, refresh the complexion and moisturise. The exfoliating products with fruit acids do not have a “grainy” texture. These scrubs are even suitable for very thin skin, rosacea and couperose.

Using a facial scrub has various functions in addition to refreshing the skin and renewing skin cells. Exfoliating stimulates blood circulation in the skin and therefore refreshes the complexion. The use of a scrub also aids collagen production. It can also help prevent the formation of blockages under the skin and clean already clogged pores. As dead skin cells are removed during the exfoliating process, the skin cells can renew, and the effectiveness of absorption of other products rises.

When you’ve used a facial scrub, it’s the ideal time to offer the skin nourishing and moisturising ingredients – you can do that well by applying a face mask. The skin is deeply cleansed after exfoliating and it can take the most of what the mask has to offer – all the moisturisation and cleansing, skin refreshment and nourishment, whatever the mask is designed to do. Choose the most suitable facial scrub for your skin and perfect your skincare routine with skin-type matched tilk! skincare products and you can be sure that you’re offering the best for your skin with tilk! natural skincare products.