Gua Sha facial massage stone made of pink quartz or jade


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Made of 100% natural rose quartz or jade, the Gua Sha facial massage stones have been used in China for centuries to create a more youthful appearance for women. Massage your face with this acupuncture stone every day. Apply cream, serum, or oil to your face and improve your blood circulation and facial muscle tone by massaging your facial skin.

Beauticians say that women over the age of 40 who have had regular facial massage have significantly fewer wrinkles than their peers.

With the Gua Sha natural massage stone, you can:

  •       Improve blood circulation
  •       Reduce wrinkles
  •       Reduce muscle tension

Precious stones are known for their healing and energetic properties, and each stone has its own energy that helps you achieve more contact with yourself. All stones are 100% natural and do not contain chemicals, silicones, or BPA. They are gifts from the earth and are handmade. It means each stone is unique in shape, size, and color, and the small peculiarities are what make it perfect. Be careful when storing the crystal, as it will break if dropped.

100% natural pink quartz

Pink quartz is slightly transparent and light pink in colour. It is a stone of universal love and heart. Pink quartz helps you open up to love, romance, and happiness. It symbolises unconditional love, forgiveness, self-love, and encourages healthy relationships. The crystal supports your self-love and helps you forgive yourself. It reduces heartache and sadness, helps calm negative emotions and stress. It supports the lungs, the heart, genitals, and fertility.

100% natural jade

Jade is a precious stone both for ancient Mayans and China, which integrates the mind with the body and symbolises mind, mercy, courageousness, persistence, justice, humbleness, kindness, and loyalty. Jade elongates the lifespan with its loyal vibrations that have a balancing effect on the whole organism. The stone invigorates kidneys and heart, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, balances the blood pressure and nervous system. In addition, it also helps open and balance the heart chakra and heal the person on the emotional level.

Usage: Apply cream, serum, or oil on a cleansed face, then massage your face and do this daily. When performing the massage, move upwards and from the middle of the face towards the sides. Wash the stone after use. Store the stone in the fridge for an even better cooling effect. The product includes specific massage directions.


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