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Luxurious and quality glass foot file for beautiful and soft feet


This quality glass file is meant to remove thick and rough skin and corns from feet. Removal of dead skin gives the fresh skin beneath a chance to get out and shine. The foot file has two sides – a rougher and a smoother side. The rougher side is meant for the removal of thick skin, calluses, dead skin cells, and corns. The smoother side is good for polishing and smoothing the skin after processing with the rougher side. Skin will be soft and smooth after using the file.

Usage: The file can be used both on dry and moist skin, but we recommend soaking the feet in warm water for 10 minutes before processing for the best result. This makes it easier to remove dead and excess skin and avoid damaging the skin. Start using the file by pulling the rougher side lightly along the heels, thickened spots, and corns. Then polish the skin with the smoother side of the file. Apply Tilk! foot cream on the feet to moisturise them after using the file.

This file makes taking care of your feet a lot more comfortable and you can have professional-level foot care in your own home.

The foot file is made of high quality and strong glass. The glass file is sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it can be used indefinitely if you keep washing, disinfecting, and sterilising it.

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