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Problematic skin kits for teens


These restoring kits contain the best products to help balance the natural balance of the skin and to battle against the impurities coming from hormonal changes and environmental effects.

These two kits are perfect for restoring the balance of the skin, to take care of it, and to hide unpleasant pimples.

Kit 1 includes a calming facial oil (5 ml), a face cream (50 ml) and a facial toner (50 ml).

The products that are included in this kit, are:

Spray Me tea tree toner (50 ml)  helps to refresh the skin, cleanse it, and battle against inflammation. It is a great product for skin problems, irritations, micro wounds and acne. The spray leaves your skin soft and has a calming effect. You may spray it directly on your skin for refreshment and hydration, or use a cotton bud to apply it on the problematic areas or wounds. You may also spray it on your face for balancing the natural pH of your skin after removing the make-up and washing your face.

Smooth Me face oil (5 ml) helps take care of inflamed pimples. The face oil can be used together with face cream, after cleansing the skin.

Calm Me day cream (50 ml) contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals that nourish your skin and make it radiant. The face cream is suitable for daily skincare and moisturising the skin after cleansing.

Kit 2 includes a tinted moisturiser (10 ml), a face cream (50 ml) and a lip balm (4,8 ml).

The products that are included in this kit, are:

Tinted Me face cream (medium tone, 10 ml) nourishes and gives the skin an even tone. It evens out the skin tone and feels light on the skin, helping to hide and take care of inflamed pimples. Apply the cream after cleansing.

Scrub Me tea tree face scrub (50 ml) helps cells to regenerate and provides deep moisturising refreshment to the skin. The use of an exfoliator helps prevent subcutaneous blockages and cleans already clogged pores. The scrub offers refreshment and moisturisation while removing dead skin cells. Apply the scrub gently on moist skin, massage the skin with circular motions, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Kiss Me lip balm (4,8 ml) moisturises dry and cracked lips, giving them a subtle shine. We recommend using lip balm all year round to take care of the gentle skin of the lips.

Read more about each product by clicking on the product name.

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