Anti-ageing Kit with Q10 – 20%


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This kit combines two important products that contain natural, antioxidant-rich oils with great anti-ageing benefits. The kit includes a facial serum (15 ml) and a night cream (50 ml).

Spoil Me (15 ml) is a luxuriously enriched anti-ageing face serum that nourishes the skin and has a rejuvenating effect. The natural ingredients of the serum work together against skin ageing – they help to renew skin cells, form collagen, nourish the skin with vitamins and fight free radicals.

Spoon Me anti-ageing night cream with avocado oil (50 ml) moisturises and nourishes dry skin. For mature and very dry skin, Spoon Me also works well as a day cream. We recommend using night creams at the age of 35+ and when the skin is dry and lifeless. Spoon Me is a rich and nourishing cream that gives the skin strength and hydration.

Usage: Apply Spoon Me night cream on cleansed skin. Massage it gently into the skin moving from the centre of the face to the sides and moving upwards. Then, add a few drops of Spoil Me serum, massage it into the skin. For dry skin, the serum is used last, on top of the cream. This is important so that the moisturising product (cream) locks into the skin. Our experience has shown that the regular use of serum and cream leaves the skin moisturised, elastic, and shining for longer.

An added way of taking care of your skin: Add the facial oil Smooth Me into your beauty arsenal, as facial massage is great for relieving tension and stimulating blood circulation. During the facial massage, it is always good to keep the movements circular with the direction from the centre of the face to the sides and from bottom up. Apply the facial oil to your hands and gently massage your face from the chin to the cheeks and along the jaw line to your ears. Around the eyes, use your ring fingers, because they exert less pressure. Move from your eyebrows to the temples, and from the inner corners of your eyes to the temples along the eye socket bone. You may also tap gently under your eyes and on the forehead. It is a great way to relieve tension and to activate better blood flow! Repeat as long as you like. Remove excess oil from your skin with a soft tissue.


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