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Organic lavender flower water

Category: All products, Toners, Body care, Floral waters

Lavender flower water, also called lavender hydrosol, is a perfect product for moisturising, toning and refreshing skin. Lavender hydrosol helps balance the pH level of the skin. The use of hydrosol is recommended for sunburns, acne-prone or red skin, and to even out the skin tone. Hydrosol is suitable for all skin types.

Flower waters or hydrosols are made from plant parts by distillation. During distillation, water vapour passes through the plant mass, separating the essential oils and useful active ingredients of the plants from the plant parts into an aqueous solution. Hydrosols have varied benefits and they can be used as natural scents. Lavender is mainly used in aromatherapy for relaxation and for creating a calm environment, it is also recommended for use before going to sleep.

Usage: Spray directly on the skin or on clothes. Also use at home to scent fabrics or the air.

Storage: Store the hydrosol at room temperature.

Quantity: 60ml

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100% natural

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100% cruelty-free

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Hand made

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Palm oil
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