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Christmas gift set with face exfoliator


This special Christmas set with face exfoliator is a perfect gift for yourself and your friends! This kit is perfect for having handy travel size products for your next journey. It is also an ideal way to try out our different products to find your own favourites! This kit contains a facial scrub (10 ml), a lip balm (4,8 ml), and a hand cream (10 ml).

Scrub Me face scrub (10 ml) helps cells to regenerate and provides deep moisturising refreshment to the skin. The use of an exfoliator helps prevent subcutaneous blockages and cleans already clogged pores. The scrub offers refreshment and moisturisation while removing dead skin cells. Apply the scrub gently on moist skin, massage the skin with circular motions, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Lip balm (4,8 ml) protects and softens the lips while giving them a nice natural shine. The lip balm also protects the lips from the harsh effects of wind and cold, and helps to restore already damaged skin.

Love Me (10 ml) moisturising hand cream is the perfect hand cream – it makes your hands silky, softens dry skin and contains plenty of vitamins. Since, in addition to our face, our hands also reflect our age, using this hand cream helps to tone the delicate skin of our hands and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

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Choose lip balm: Kiss Me, Smooch Me

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