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Regenerate Me is a perfect cream for combination and normal skin. The bioactive ingredients renew skin cells – giving your complexion a healthy glow. This heavenly treat for your skin smells of fresh lavender.

Hand cream is a perfect treat for your hands. The bioactive ingredients recover your skin’s hydrolipidic layer, moisturise it deeply, and provide protection from the environment. The cream makes your hands silky smooth. It smells of fresh lemon.

Spoon Me is a perfect choice as a night cream. The bioactive ingredients moisturise, tone your skin and reduce small wrinkles. For mature and very dry skin the cream is also perfect as a day cream. The scent is a comforting mix of lavender, frankincense and petitgrain.

Cleanse Me is antibacterial face moisturiser nurtures and soothes oily and problematic skin. The bioactive ingredients treat infections, calm, soften and moisturise.Cream stimulates skin’s microcirculation, helping to cleanse it.  natural fragrance is an mix of peppermint and tangerine

Protect Me face cream soothes and protects sensitive skin. The bioactive ingredients calm the skin creates a protective layer against the effects of external environment and nourishe as well as softens the skin. Cream has no added fragrance – the mild aroma comes from pure ingredients. 

Power Me is an excellent cream for men. The bioactive ingredients in this fresh cream nourish and moisturise the skin, smoothing fine lines and forming a protective layer. Cream is perfect for using after shaving, since it contains aloe vera, chamomile and coconut oil, that calm, restore and strengthen the skin. There is no added fragrance – the natural aroma comes from fresh ingredients. 

Scrub Me facial scrub – fresh and rich of bioactive ingredients, it will help to renew skin cells and moisturise your skin deeply. Light natural ingredients improve the health of your skin by detoxing and deep pore cleansing. This tangerine delight is suitable for all skin types.

Moisturise Me face cream moisturises and protects dry skin. The bioactive ingredients  help to restore skin’s natural balance and glow, moisturise deeply and provide protection from drying. The natural fragrance is a fresh mix of lavender and chamomile. 

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Regenerate Me face cream 10ml, Moisturise Me face cream 10ml, Protect Me face cream 10ml, Cleanse Me face cream 10ml, Power Me face cream 10ml, Scrub Me face scrub 10ml, Spoon Me face cream 10ml, Love Me hand cream 10ml, Blossom Me face cream 10ml, Revitalize Me 10ml, Mini Me 10ml

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