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Travel kit “Journey” with three creams


The travel-sized cream kit “Journey” is the perfect travel companion as it contains products that you can take with you in your hand luggage. The travel kit is also a wonderful way of trying different products to find your favorites and make your skincare a journey! You can assemble the kit based on what your skin needs.

You can add the products based on your preference and need, the kit will include day cream (10 ml), night cream (10 ml), and hand cream (10 ml).

Find your favorite day cream HERE.
Find your favorite night cream HERE.
Find your favorite hand cream HERE.

If you need help in choosing products, look at our recommendations for different skin types.


Category: All products, Cream Kits and gift sets, Skincare, tilk! Herbal, Travel size
Choose face cream: Blossom Me face cream, Calm Me face cream, tilk!Lab Calming face cream with black garlic and sage, tilk! Lab Calming black garlic and hemp face cream, Calming and moisturising face cream with spruce and sea buckthorn, Cleanse Me face cream, Moisturise Me face cream, Nourish Me face cream, Nourishing anti-ageing face cream with vitamin C and black garlic, Protect Me face cream, Regenerate Me face cream, Revitalize Me face cream, Tinted Me (tone: light), Tinted Me (tone: medium)
Choose night cream: Spoon Me anti-ageing night cream with avocado oil, Nourishing anti-ageing night cream with lavender and black garlic
Choose hand cream: Love Me hand cream, Calming spruce hand cream with sea buckthorn, Restoring hand cream with black garlic and sea buckthorn

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