Face creams

Each and every one of us has a specific skin type and knowing it is important for taking the best possible care of your facial skin and choosing the right face cream for it. We all want to see a radiant, nicely moisturised and fresh face when we look in the mirror. Because of that, it is vital you know what your skin needs and which face creams are best suited for you.

Is your skin normal-combination, dry, oily, or sensitive?

Are you over 35 and your skin is craving anti-ageing products and extra moisturisation or maybe you have oily skin and acne-prone skin?

These are the important questions that you need to answer to find the best option when it comes to choosing your face cream.

We think of the needs of different skin types when we put together cream recipes and choose the ingredients – we want to ensure the best result and impact for the skin. 

All tilk! face creams contain natural ingredients that support various skin types by offering care, moisturisation and nourishment. We use our knowledge about nature and science to make the most of what’s around us and what grows in nature, offering clean cosmetics for our customers.

We choose the richest and most nourishing oils and butters and skin-renewing ingredients for our anti-ageing products while the cream recipes for oily skin contain light and anti-inflammatory ingredients and oils. 

We have developed our creams to have a silky and mousse-like consistency, which gives a luxurious feel and makes the simple procedure of moisturisation an experience. Every one of us deserves the best and you can offer the best for your skin by using the most suited products for its needs. 

If you are not entirely sure of your skin type, then you can get a better understanding of that here. The next step is to look at the most suitable products based on your skin type and to choose your cream from the suitable tilk! face creams

We offer regular-sized, but also travel-sized face creams – this gives you a great opportunity to test and enjoy various creams. When you choose the skincare products and face creams that best support the needs of your skin, you can be sure that you offer the best for your skin with tilk! natural skincare products.